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TSL’s Vertical PDU in 20 x A and 20 x B configuration has 32A capability in each leg and delivers main and backup supply from one vertical unit.

Designed to meet the demanding needs of broadcast infrastructure, the unit features IEC C13 with an integrated fuse and status LED for each output, meaning a single faulty piece of equipment won’t bring your whole rack down.

Each outlet has an illuminated indicator showing power status, so fault identification in a dark rack is quick and efficient, speeding up the process of fault identification and rectification, critical when every minute counts.

Manufactured in lightweight extruded aluminium with a soldered backplane and containing no crimps the unit has been designed for class-leading reliability and long operating life.

Fitting all standard racks at 1762mm x 55mm x 64mm deep, the unit comes complete with a fitting kit for both side and end mounting.

Prices start from: £450 // €536 // $567

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