Atlanta, GA: Tolka, a globally active specialist in broadcast-related software development, today announced its product and service lineup for the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 5th-8th, in Las Vegas.

Exhibiting in the ATSC booth (17783, LVCC Central Hall) and at CES Tech West (Wynn), Tolka will demonstrate a range of technology and upgrade accessories supporting the Ultra High Definition (UHD)-compatible ATSC 3.0 NEXTGEN TV standard as well as the HD-compatible ATSC 1.0. Representatives attending will include CEO Michael Day and Business Development Manager Alex Day.

Tolka’s digital media solutions embrace the areas of conditional access, personalized content delivery, interactive education, and watermark-based rights protection. Tolka’s ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Stack software enables television viewers to experience free-to-air ATSC 3.0 television programs and distance-learning services on Android or Linux-compatible receivers, set-top boxes, in-car receivers, mobile phones, tablets, or computers. The Broadcast Stack can also provide plug-in support for third-party HTML user agents and media players.

Tolka also offers customer-specific application development and refinement services (Tolka AppWorks) for third parties in the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), IPTV, and Over-The-Top (OTT) sectors. These services offer the advantages of Tolka’s highly experienced development team, fast completion and testing, support for any major smartphone and mobile tablet platforms, and support for future mobile telco standards as and when these are introduced. Tolka’s CES 2023 exhibit will include products developed in partnership with leading ATSC 3 demodulator chip suppliers and set-top-box vendors, STBs, and USB receivers from several manufacturers powered by Tolka ATSC 3 software. Partners include major brands such as ATSC 3.0 Security Authority (A3SA), the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), and Pearl TV LLC.

“ATSC 3.0 is experiencing strong adoption by television channels in many U.S. broadcast markets,” Alex Day said. “It offers a major advance in terms of viewer experience including 2160p 4K resolution, 120 Hz frame rate, high dynamic range, wide color gamut and movie theater quality sound. Another powerful capability of ATSC 3.0, is datacasting, which enables applications such as localized emergency notification, exemplified by AEN’s Advanced Emergency Network for which we helped to create the software and hardware technology required to deliver rich-media and actionable emergency alerts.”

An established and successful producer of cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP media related applications, Tolka offers broadcast channel owners and online service providers the tools they need to expand and develop their markets. Tolka’s focus is on IPTV, OTT and DTT applications allowing secure content delivery and intelligently targeted advertisement insertion.

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