Brussels, 21 September 2023 — Ratings Artist, the MEDIAGENIX AI-tool for predicting ratings, achieved remarkable recognition at IBC 2023. After receiving high commendation from the CSI Awards jury in the category of ‘Best Data and Analytics Innovation’ on Friday, 15 September, Ratings Artist clinched the coveted IABM BaM Award in the Monetization category just a day later.

Ratings Artist by MEDIAGENIX:

• leverages an innovative machine learning model to effortlessly yield accurate content grading information, indicating how well titles will perform in a schedule.

• makes it possible to optimize the schedule to drive content ROI actively.

• brings significant operational efficiency gains to media companies by improving content scheduling decisions, optimizing content promotions and ultimately increasing ad sales revenue.

To automatically generate smarter rating predictions for all content types across all channels and be sensitive to the characteristics of each distinct target demographic, the MEDIAGENIX data scientists developed a machine-learning model that was further finetuned in close collaboration with the Talpa Consumer Intelligence team. Ratings Artist embodies an innovative model trained on all the ratings from the historical TV schedules in WHATS’ON, enriched with a very rich dataset of both content-centric and contextual metadata. The ratings predictions are seamlessly integrated into the existing WHATS’ON workflows and empower the human expert to optimize audience engagement and content monetization by making data-driven decisions with great speed and accuracy. This will enable customers around the globe to optimize ad sales and intelligently automate scheduling, which is particularly relevant for FAST channels.

In June 2023, Talpa Network was the first customer to go live with Ratings Artist. Gertjan Mastwijk, Head of Intelligence and Strategy at Talpa: “What sets Ratings Artist apart is its unique ability to incorporate human expertise seamlessly into the AI/ML prediction process. One of the key advantages of Ratings Artist is its full automation. New predictions are generated every morning based on the latest actuals, ensuring that our predictions are always up-to-date and finetuned. The ability to make data-driven decisions swiftly and accurately has enhanced our efficiency and profitability. Moreover, the seamless integration of human expertise ensures that our predictions are not only reliable but also tailored to the unique nuances of our business. I am confident that any organization that adopts this technology will experience similar benefits and a marked improvement in their prediction capabilities.”

Although it is early days for detailed quantitative analysis, it is already clear that deploying the Ratings Artist solution is bringing significant operational efficiency gains to the Talpa Consumer Intelligence team. The solution will enable the team
to improve both forecast efficiency and accuracy, boosting ad sales revenues. The accurate and granular predicted ratings of Ratings Artist also allow content schedulers to make better-informed decisions when creating TV schedules, which is instrumental in driving the ROI of the content in stock.

Ratings Artist also constitutes a natural input for MEDIAGENIX’s Scheduling Artist, the automated scheduling solution for FAST channels and linear TV.

Ratings Artist is shortlisted for IABM’s Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award, with the winner announced in London at the IABM Annual BaM Live event on 7 December 2023.



MEDIAGENIX is a top business solution vendor in the international media industry with its Media Business Management Platform combining the extensive and renowned capabilities of WHATS’ON and BeBanjo.

Over 180 media companies across the globe trust these capabilities to tackle the content and programming challenges of this multiplatform era with streamlined workflows related to content, content rights, planning, scheduling and curation. The business agility they gain with the MEDIAGENIX software suites enables media companies to offer the right content at the right time to the right audience on the right device, through whichever platforms and delivery methods and with whatever
mix of business models best suited to achieve their aims. With one source of truth, touchless operations and actionable intelligence, they optimize cross-department collaboration, operational efficiency, cross-platform audience engagement, and
content monetization. The bottom line is substantial cost reduction and maximized content lifetime value.

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