Opens the doors to new immersive branding and visual storytelling for news, sports programs, and planned, yet dynamic workflows; Leverages Erizos Studio to propel template-based workflows and seamlessly integrate character generator, extended reality, augmented reality, and virtual studio pipelines

Oslo, Norway – April 11, 2024 – Pixotope, the leading software platform for end-to-end real-time virtual production solutions, is bringing cinematic-quality graphics and immersive content experiences powered by Unreal Engine to news, sports programs, and other fast-paced planned, yet dynamic workflows. Pixotope leverages Erizos Studio to provide customers with a familiar template-based, rundown-driven solution that integrates seamlessly with Newsroom systems and automation-driven workflows. Customers can create and mix character generator (CG), extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR), and virtual studio (VS) graphics elements, up-leveling visual story-telling, and branding.

Pixotope will be unveiling its new broadcast graphics workflow at NAB 2024 in the Pixotope Tech Den (N201LMR).

“No matter if it’s a feature film or the nightly news, viewers crave for larger-than-life, immersive, and cinematic visuals. Leveraging Erizos exceptional graphics control technology, we’re facilitating the integration of Unreal Engine’s top-tier graphics and Pixotope best-in-industry virtual production capabilities into the broadcast graphics pipeline. It’s a seamless experience that is potent enough to revolutionize the way broadcasters can promote their brand, deliver their stories with more visual emotion, and expand their viewers across all platforms,” says Marcus Brodersen, CEO of Pixotope.

New Branding and Visual Storytelling Opportunities

Pixotope covers the entire virtual production workflow from camera and talent tracking to augmented reality (AR) and virtual studio graphics and extended reality (XR). The platform is compatible with the latest version of Unreal Engine, including 5.4; users will be able to make use of Unreal Motion Design as part of their graphic packages immediately upon its release.

“Unreal Motion Design reimagines what is possible in broadcast and news graphics workflows, it opens the doors for completely new viewer experiences,” adds Marcus.

Familiar Broadcast Graphics Workflow with Greater Operational Efficiency

Pixotope leverages the MOS-compliant Erizos Studio multi-channel graphic controller to consolidate the management and operation of multiple graphics pipelines. A single operator can control virtual studio, AR, and XR graphics side by side with CG overlay graphics. This eliminates the time-consuming synchronization of separate provider platforms and allows for shorter training time for operators. The seamless integration also provides a template-based, rundown-driven work environment that is based on traditional broadcast workflows, making it easy for customers to step in and immediately begin assembling stunning visuals.

“Erizos and Pixotope have been battle-tested to meet the rigorous demands of live production environments,” says Erizos CEO Ronny van den Bergh. “This proven reliability, paired with our deep understanding, passion, and commitment to simplifying, streamlining, and improving the overall quality of graphics, makes our partnership incredibly beneficial for broadcasters worldwide. Our respective areas of expertise will help increase all customers’ quality and workflow efficiency.”

The new Pixotope broadcast graphics solution is offered as a turnkey solution from Pixotope. For more information, please click here.

About Erizos 

Erizos is a leading provider of real-time broadcast graphics control and integration solutions, known for its innovative approach to broadcast production. With Erizos Studio, the company offers a revolutionary platform that integrates multiple render engines under a single interface, enhancing live production workflows.

About Pixotope 

Dedication. Determination. Trust. Pixotope is at the forefront of democratizing virtual production and empowering content creators with accessible solutions for boundary-pushing immersive storytelling.

Having been proven on the most demanding live productions in the world, Pixotope offers media content owners and producers a reliable and sustainable Virtual Production Platform on which to build their media business.

Pixotope uniquely allows media creators to tell stories with the visual impact of high-end feature films, combined with the connected and scalable nature of online content and the immersive and social experience of video games.

With global 24/7 operations and a direct presence on four continents, Pixotope Technologies is on a mission to promote accessibility, ease of use, and customer success in Virtual Production for all media creators

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