NUGEN Audio demonstrated its latest utility plug-ins to attendees of IBC 2023 (Stand P.24). This included Jotter, a timestamped annotation tool, and Aligner, which helps to perfectly align audio with just the touch of a button.

Initially offered as a “stealth” product for NUGEN subscribers who responded to the company’s annual survey, Aligner is now widely available with an improved algorithm. Aligner is an automatic phase and polarity alignment/correction tool designed to enhance the daily workflow of audio engineers with convenience and speed. With the automatic linking functionality, users can also connect multiple instances of the plug-in during one session.

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It can be utilized in various instances, including when lining up a multitrack recording with microphones at different distances, or where the polarity of one microphone is reversed. Users can also apply the tool to ensure a microphone and direct input signals are lined up correctly. For users who prefer to align an audio track on their own, or who wish to fine tune the adjustments made automatically, the plug-in also provides the option to make sample delay or phase adjustments manually.

Also first released for NUGEN subscribers, Jotter allows television and film sound editors to collaborate with each other, and directly with clients, to and from anywhere in the world. In addition to the fully licensed plug-in solution that can be integrated directly into Pro Tools or other DAWs, the Jotter software is also available as a free standalone version that includes the same management tools and can be used by clients and other collaborators.

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Among the collaborative tools is the ability for a client to load the latest mix of their track into the standalone Jotter app, add their notes throughout the file and then export the notes to send to the mixing engineer, who can access it via the standalone app or the plug-in version.  Exported in CSV format, the notes provide detailed feedback, locked to the exact positions on a project timeline. With this solution, NUGEN Audio has also rolled out the brand’s first accessibility features for users with visual impairments, such as screen reader support and keyboard shortcuts.



The world’s top names in post-production, music and broadcast use NUGEN Audio’s award-winning loudness metering/correction, surround audio, mixing/mastering, tracking and audio analysis tools. For audio professionals, NUGEN Audio’s products offer market-leading fidelity and unrestricted creativity in every situation, providing a direct and intuitive way to work with sound. The company’s tools make it easier to deliver high-quality, compliant audio while saving time, reducing costs and preserving the creative process. For more information, visit

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