In the fast-paced world of live sports, capturing every crucial moment is paramount. From lightning-fast plays to game-changing incidents, these split-second actions can determine the outcome of a match and fuel passionate debates among fans. While high-resolution imagery has become the norm, there’s another dimension that can take audience engagement to extraordinary levels: the time domain.

To leverage the power of high frame rate (HFR) cameras in capturing fleeting moments and slow-motion replays for analysis, Vislink has unveiled the game-changing Cliq wireless camera transmitter (Figure 1). With its ultra-compact and highly adaptable form factor, the Cliq sets a new standard for capturing and transmitting high frame rates in live sports productions.


Despite being one of the smallest 4K mobile transmitters in the world, the Cliq punches well above its weight, supporting full 4K or transmission of two HD video services. This groundbreaking device empowers production teams with unparalleled freedom and creativity to position high frame rate cameras at the heart of the action. Unburdened by cables, these high frame rate cameras can now roam and follow the game wherever it unfolds, immersing viewers in the intensity of the moment.

What sets the Cliq apart is its ability to support 2x the normal broadcast frame rates, reaching an impressive 100/120 fps. With this capability, the Cliq consistently delivers high-quality HD resolution images with minimal latency from any location — essential capabilities for tier 1 live event broadcasts. It ensures that every frame is captured with astonishing clarity, allowing for captivating slow-motion replays that can leave viewers in awe.

The Cliq’s compact size enables seamless integration with mini camera devices, empowering production teams to maximize their creativity in capturing pivotal sporting moments from unique angles. Whether mounted on a handheld rig or equipped on a larger drone for aerial shots, the Cliq opens up a world of possibilities for live event broadcast applications. It embraces point-of-view (POV) and body-worn cameras, as well as onboard vehicles, making it a versatile tool for capturing the most captivating footage from a wide variety of operating environments.


But the Cliq doesn’t stop at slow-motion imagery. Vislink’s powerful Quantum decoder (Figure 2) complements the wireless camera transmitter, enabling a dual workflow that seamlessly transitions between slow-motion and real-time footage. This innovative solution maximizes the return on investment for production teams, ensuring that every camera system performs at its peak, delivering breathtaking slow-motion visuals while maintaining the integrity of live broadcasts.

By harnessing the efficiencies of this dual workflow (Figure 3) and the untethered mobility offered by the Cliq, production teams can create truly immersive sports programming with unprecedented flexibility in camera placement and deployment. Audiences will be transported right to the heart of the action, experiencing every exhilarating moment with unprecedented clarity and intensity. From game-winning goals to nail-biting finishes, the Cliq brings viewers closer than ever before, redefining the way live sports productions are perceived.

Vislink’s Cliq wireless camera transmitter represents a groundbreaking leap forward in live sports production technology. It revolutionizes the way audiences engage with sports, transforming them into active participants in the spectacle. With the Cliq, sports broadcasts will never be the same again, and audiences should prepare to be captivated by the magic of high frame rate clarity and immersive storytelling.

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