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Sustainable mobile and modular power systems for the Film Broadcast and AV sectors launched by betteries.

Berlin-based startup betteries is excited to launch its sustainable mobile and modular power systems to green the picture and broadcasting industry. After an 18-month of development and certification program, betteries is now able to offer customers the betterPack, the most sustainable lithium-ion battery on the market made of upcycled modules from electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

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Steve Yedlin ASC lenses Glass Onion A Knives Out Story with ZEISS Supreme Primes

Steve Yedlin ASC lenses Glass Onion A Knives Out Story with ZEISS Supreme Primes. Long-time collaborators, cinematographer Steve Yedlin, ASC, and director Rian Johnson, have been pushing each other creatively since their late teens. Yedlin would go on to lens all of Johnson’s feature films, notably Looper and Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi. Their latest film, Glass Onion, is the follow-up to the 2019 blockbuster Knives Out. Featuring the return of Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), the fun, fast-paced whodunnit follows the sleuth to a fictional Greek Island, where Blanc peels back the layers of intrigue surrounding narcissistic tech billionaire Miles Bron (Edward Norton).

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Bubble Agency Promotes Louise Wells to Managing Director as Company Continues on High-Growth Path

Louise Wells has been promoted to Managing Director, effective immediately. Following the move, owner and founder Sadie Groom undertakes the role of CEO and will continue to focus on business development and fostering relationships in the industry, as well as Bubble’s international expansion, growth into new sectors and the development of additional services.

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OOONA Increases Security with Hudson Rock

“OOONA is ISO 27001 certified, uses multi-factor authentication, performs ongoing penetration testing and has also passed a number of security audits by major streaming platforms. We wanted to do more than that and be able to offer our enterprise clients complete peace of mind regarding the users accessing their system. We have now gone a step further and are excited to announce the integration into our platform of Hudson Rock’s Cavalier, a system recognized as one of the best ( threat intelligence solutions in the market.”

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