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Paris, July 11, 2023 – Ateme, a global leader in video compression, delivery, and streaming solutions with innovation at its core, today announced that Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company and one of its leading IT companies, has chosen Ateme’s end-to-end OTT solution to migrate the Cloud Digital Video Recording (CDVR) platform of its blue TV service to AWS, in a move set to mark the world’s first large-scale CDVR in a public cloud.

Behind this move was Swisscom’s desire to streamline its operations, optimize its hardware pool, and achieve greater scalability for blue TV. Ateme’s comprehensive end-to-end solution, which includes the groundbreaking NEA Genesis enabling CDVR and time-shifted TV services in the public cloud, played a pivotal role in meeting these objectives. The end-to-end package selected by Swisscom also includes Ateme’s NEA packaging and CDN solutions, complementing the already deployed virtualized TITAN transcoders.

“Subscribers watch and record more and more content,” said Marco Lötscher, Head of Technology Group at Swisscom TV & Smart Products. “We needed a scalable solution that would allow us to follow this growth, without being capped by on-premises investments. Ateme was the natural choice, having both helped us deploy the cutting-edge fully virtualized headend in 2018, and proved its worth through years of strong support. Now, Ateme’s cloud-native solutions are perfectly aligned with our vision, enabling us to meet our need while delivering exceptional experiences to our viewers.”

“We are proud to collaborate with a company of the caliber of Swisscom, which placed third in Brand Finance’s ranking of the world’s most valuable and strongest brands,” said Yoann Poizeau, VP EMEA at Ateme. “It’s an honor for us to have been chosen to work with AWS to help Swisscom seamlessly migrate blue TV’s CDVR service to the cloud, so it can continue to captivate its audience and further strengthen its brand.”

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