Utelogy Corporation, a prominent provider of connected workspace management, monitoring, and analytics software today announced the addition of AMETEK SurgeX, a pioneer in power management and surge protection technology to its Utelligence Alliance Partner Program for A/V and UC device integration.

Since its inception, SurgeX has been at the forefront of electrical surge protection. Transitioning its expertise to the A/V industry in 1995, SurgeX has continued to lead with its patented Advanced Series Mode® technology, offering true surge elimination—unlike traditional surge suppression—and superior EMI/RFI noise filtration.

SurgeX’s integration with the Utelogy platform brings numerous benefits to users, enhancing the capability to monitor and manage the power of connected systems seamlessly. With features like real-time monitoring of port status, device temperature, and power consumption, coupled with the ability to power on/off ports and reboot devices. The integrated SurgeX and Utelogy solution supports comprehensive room and device management. By using Utelogy’s U-Automate (automated testing feature) in conjunction with SurgeX’s Power Management solutions, customers can proactively manage and monitor their A/V estate remotely and create schedules to turn devices on and off to save energy and help meet sustainability goals.

“Integrating SurgeX with our Utelogy platform empowers our clients with unmatched control and monitoring capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of their A/V systems,” said Nicole Corbin, VPO at Utelogy Corporation. “This partnership aligns with our mission to streamline technology management while enhancing system health and stability and offering our end-users solutions for corporate energy management and sustainability.”

SurgeX stands out in the market with its unique approach to surge elimination, crucial for protecting sensitive A/V equipment from damaging electrical transients. SurgeX devices, available in various form factors suitable for different environments—from behind-screen installations to in-rack and meeting room configurations—facilitate a flexible and comprehensive approach to device management and protection.

“Celebrating our partnership with Utelogy, we’re thrilled to integrate SurgeX technology into their ecosystem, fostering unparalleled reliability and protection,” said Justin Peyton, Director of Sales EMEA & APAC at AMETEX SurgeX. “Together, we empower businesses with seamless integration, safeguarding their investments and ensuring uninterrupted operations.”

This partnership not only enriches the capabilities of Utelogy’s platform but also significantly broadens the scope for A/V system diagnostics, monitoring, and protection, offering a holistic view of system health and ensuring unparalleled reliability.

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