nxtedition, pioneers of microservices-based production environments, has successfully integrated OpenAI Whisper, a cutting-edge speech-to-text artificial intelligence, into its standard platform. Through the user-friendly nxtedition interface, OpenAI can transcribe and translate content in real-time as needed, utilising either nxtedition’s private cloud hardware or public cloud-based infrastructure. As a result, the time and cost of accessing third-party AI services for transcription & translation as an external function is removed from the workflow.

This revolutionary deep integration provides creative users with access to new tools to enhance productivity. The application of AI here is diverse and includes new methods for creating and maintaining metadata, such as transcribing audio from ingested content and news stories, which is then indexed and can be found using nxtedition’s intelligent search engine. OpenAI Whisper can process not only new videos but also the entire news archive, making it a cost-effective and powerful research facility.

In traditional newsroom settings, the use of AI is often inefficient, requiring transcoding video to audio, sending requests to third-party software in the cloud with no indication of when results will be returned or if they will be valuable. In contrast, nxtedition’s approach is to transcribe the original content as it comes in, bypassing the need for time-consuming transcoding and proxy transfers. This approach not only boosts indexing for search results but also generates subtitles, resulting in significant productivity gains.

Adam Leah, creative director at nxtedition, remarked, “The real significance of this integration is that we have incorporated all the necessary hooks for OpenAI applications into our software stack. We are continuously developing innovative ways for our users to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning services into our hardware and user environment, which they already appreciate. We’re always seeking ways to reduce unnecessary steps and clicks in workflows.”

The OpenAI Whisper integration will be included in the next release of nxtedition’s core software and hardware and will be showcased at NAB 2023 (booth C1819, Las Vegas Convention Center, 16-19 April). For more information on all nxtedition products and services, visit nxtedition.com.

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