THREE years ago, Emma Norris was working as a senior studio production executive for a global satellite broadcaster.

Today she’s turned businesswoman and entrepreneur, after noticing a gap in how production companies and studios do business.

Emma founded The Studio Finder, which exhibited for a second successive year at The Media Production & Technology Show 2024 (MPTS) in Olympia, London.

‘It was a moment of clarity,’ says Emma. ‘I just realised there was a different way to connect the production needs of clients directly with suitable studios. And it just gained traction from that point forward.’

The Studio Finder is revolutionising how filmmakers, producers and creatives discover and book studios in an evolving market, by connecting production enquiries with studios through its unique referral network.

‘Of course, the industry has been hammered from all sides for more than a year now. And this in the wake of a production bonanza after the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is unpicking the reasons for that downturn,’ says Emma.

‘Studios and freelancers in particular are still finding it very difficult. But we also know there’s a future ahead, so we’re continuing to do everything we can to kickstart more confidence into the system and get our industry moving forward and fully functioning. After all, global demand for entertainment is only going to continue to grow.’

The Studio Finder is currently working with clients to place productions in studios from summer 2024 and already has several work streams in progress for next year too.

Emma says: ‘There are two key elements to our business at The Studio Finder. Working with production creatives who are looking to find suitable studio space, and liaising with studios that are already in or are interested in joining our network, to gain further exposure to the marketplace.”


More about Tanooki Technologies:

Tanooki Technologies Ltd was founded by post production professionals Adam Peat, Charlotte Layton, David Klafkowski, David Logsdon and Jack Edney, to offer secure, affordable and intuitive collaboration tools to the content creation market.

The company’s first product, tanooki, has been used since 2022 across a wide range of projects for UK broadcasters and US streamers/networks through its first integrated post production customer, Racoon. In May 2024, tanooki was made available independently for use by any content creator or business.

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