New addition augments flexibility for the super-slow motion camera

Garbsen, Germany — 4 April, 2023

Dream Chip will be using NAB 2023 (Booth C3338) to demonstrate the addition of IP control functionality to its AtomOne SSM500 super slow-motion miniature camera. Measuring just 190mm x 60mm x 60mm and capable of recording 500fps in full HD resolution, the addition of IP control now gives this exceptional camera even greater flexibility in relation to the creative contexts in which it can be deployed –  especially on a remote basis.

The new IP control functionality sits alongside an existing RS 485 connection, and the camera employs an open protocol so that it remains compatible with a range of remote control options from vendors such as CyanView, Skaarhoj and Antelope, with direct camera control facilitated from a number of these third-party units. For those seeking to operate the camera without third-party additions, control – whether IP-based or through RS 485 – is also facilitated through the intuitive GUI that ships with the camera and enables connection of up to 99 other Dream Chip cameras. Thus, comprehensive but easy-to-navigate control is provided for all expected image output options: framerate, resolution, memory and recording buffer status, white balance, exposure and – crucially – multi-matrix colour correction to ensure perfect match with other cameras being used for the broadcast. The latter represents a feature that is unique in cameras of this size and FPS capability.

Indeed, in general, at the size which Dream Chip have achieved, there are currently no other offerings on the market which match the specifications and outputs of the AtomOne SSM500 – making it unique in its ability to capture super-smooth, crystal clear, slow-motion footage from unusual and innovative angles. This makes it particularly valuable in sports applications, where the camera can be embedded within the pitch, on goalposts or anywhere close to the action, and thus provide viewers with immersive, detailed, emotion-driven footage.

The SSM500 supports its innovative capabilities with two flexible, highly usable workflows, which will now be even easier to select through the addition of IP control. The first of these allows for Super Slow Motion capture through 2, 3 or 4 phase connection to any server, facilitating capture at up to 240fps. Alternatively, a ‘trigger’ mode can be used, giving the ability to capture up to 60 seconds of 500fps footage, which is stored in the internal memory. Switching between modes is easy, and the camera can be setup to start in the preferred workflow setting. This flexibility in application allows for broadcast professionals to make use of the camera in a way that best suits the needs of their existing practices and workflows.

The addition of IP control functionality to the SSM500 represents just the first of a roll-out of IP control across the entire Dream Chip camera range, and evidences Dream Chip’s commitment to delivering innovative cameras focused on shaping more creative visual storytelling, whilst still ensuring that there is no compromise in relation to reliable connectivity, compatibility and wireless control.

Speaking of the new additions, Stephane Ducobu, Director of Sales Broadcast Products worldwide, said: “IP broadcast technologies and the doors they open to remote and distributed production are key concerns for an increasing number of our clients, and we pride ourselves on being both responsive to their expressed needs, as well as proactive in the way we innovate and anticipate their needs  – particularly when it comes to finding ways to enhance the creativity and freedom of visual story-tellers”.

He continued: “The centenary celebration of NAB 2023 provides a unique opportunity to see how far we’ve come as an industry, and how important the sharing of expertise, ideas, passion and creative mindset has been in shaping that industry. We are proud of the role we play in both the broadcast and ProAV markets, and look forward to meeting peers, customers and friends again at this landmark NABShow”.

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About Dream Chip

Dream Chip Technologies GmbH (DCT) is among the largest German design service company, with more than 100 engineers in Germany and the Netherlands. DCT is part of the Goodix Technology family. Goodix Technology (SH: 603160) is an integrated solution provider for applications based on IC design and software development offering industry-leading software and hardware semiconductor solutions for smart devices, IoT applications and automotive electronics. DCT specialise in the development of large ASICs, FPGAs, embedded software and systems, with a strong application focus on automotive vision systems. The innovative company provides vision technologies and solutions to its clients. DCT develops and manufactures the world’s smallest fully integrated professional 2K and 4K SDI cameras: the ATOM one 2k and ATOM one 4k. Both are almost as small as action cams, but with all the professional features broadcasters expect. DCT also delivers to the broadcast market high-speed cameras, real-time flicker removal and 4G/LTE video streaming solutions.

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