Brainstorm’s flagship products receive a number of new features that help users to vastly improve the quality of their virtual content creation

NAB 2024, booth SL4097. Brainstorm, a leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, today introduces Suite 6, the latest version of its flagship products eStudio, InfinitySet, and Aston, which already comprise a reference for broadcast workflows, virtual production, and XR/AR. Brainstorm Suite 6 adds a number of features that vastly improve the possibilities of content creation by facilitating the creation of amazing, high-quality virtual content while enhancing the user’s storytelling capabilities.

Brainstorm infinity set for edits

Featuring a deep integration with Unreal Engine 5.3, InfinitySet seamlessly control UE5 from its own interface, vastly improving the user’s ability to manage, edit, and control UE blueprints, objects, and properties, and makes the combination of the Unreal Engine render with Brainstorm’s own eStudio render engine fully transparent so that the user can effectively decide which objects or parts of the scene should be rendered in which engine. This is further improved with the enhanced Unreal Compositor that simplifies the integration of real video feeds (such as keyed characters) within an Unreal Engine scene. Compositor blends the Unreal Engine features with Brainstorm’s unique TrackFree™ capabilities, multiplying the possibilities of each engine.

Most impressively, the main demo operates on a single workstation, a fantastic feat that highlights Brainstorm’s dedication to sustainability by maximizing the potential of updated software and hardware, including the NVIDIA RTX™ 6000 Ada Generation GPU. Being able to reduce the hardware required for such virtual production applications will help clients to reduce their carbon footprint and power consumption and requirements.

In terms of rendering quality, InfinitySet is now compatible with Dual-GPU workstations, which allows users to split the rendering requirements between the two GPUs, improving rendering quality and providing users with additional benefits on performance-sensitive XR environments. Dual-GPU workstations reduce hardware costs and improve sustainability, as a single workstation can do the work normally assigned to two while simplifying workflows and scene matching. Other XR-oriented features such as XR Config or CalibMate simplify the setup and calibration processes, making them mathematically accurate by running purpose-built algorithms that exclude human error.

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Aston received several new features that increase the graphic solution’s capabilities for collaborative workflows. The new Graphic Instances greatly simplify the design process, providing better control to leading designers, as they can now not only create pieces and concepts that the rest of the team then use to produce all the versions required, but also ensure that the looks and essential updates can be applied directly, without the intervention of the rest of the team.

Aston’s StormLogic now includes new transitions and interactions between templates, such as Crop and alpha channel-based transitions, which greatly enhance the visual impact of the graphics playout. On top of that, Aston features a built-in toolset to create interactive projects that can be used with a touch screen. This toolset permits the creation of specific buttons to trigger actions and supports multi-touch gestures, allowing users to create interactive projects that can be used while in production by presenters on screen.

According to Miguel Churruca, Brainstorm’s marketing and communications director, “The new Suite 6 represents a major leap forward to the Brainstorm product range. It not only refines an already sought-after lineup of broadcast, film, and corporate solutions but also integrates new features that the users were asking for, in their continuous struggle to create more advanced, engaging, and spectacular virtual content of all kinds.

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