MPTS 2024 Digest

A Categorised Exploration of New Exhibits

Richard Inman surveys highlights from the Media Production Technology Show, held in London May 15-16


Content storage and management

Archiware promoted its P5 browser-based data backup service which supports multiple drives, tasks and clients simultaneously. Supported clouds include Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Hitachi S3,  Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi S3, Backblaze B2 and Generic S3. Access to Wasabi storage is built into P5.

Limecraft exhibited the latest updates to its online Delivery Workspace service, designed to improve the content delivery process and the communication flow between content suppliers and recipients. New features enable subtitles to be automatically aligned to shot changes. A further refinement adjusts imported subtitles for different frame rates and timecodes. The number of subtitle formats supported is also extended and a new mode is being introduced to manage how subtitle colours are applied to specific programme participants. A new activity feed displays an audit trail of all activity around individual pieces of content. A new comments feature provides greater context around key exchanges (such as submit, approve, reject) between content suppliers and recipients.

EVS’ XtraMotion service allows production teams to transform any live video, as well as post and archived content, into super-slow-motion replays. Replay operators can clip content from anywhere on the network, render it to super-slow-motion and play it back from their EVS replay server. XtraMotion is available as on-premises or network-connected.

SanDisk (Western Digital Corporation) has introduced an 8 terabyte SanDisk Desk Drive, its highest capacity yet external desktop solid state drive. The company expects to double the capacity to 16TB within a year. US retail price is $699.99.


Equipment storage, supports and power

 Aspectra exhibited examples of the camRade product range, including the SecurityCover which is designed to provide anti-theft protection and weather resistance. Manufactured from opaque nylon with an anti-theft protective mesh, it is available in two sizes. The standard version can cover a fully rigged camera with up to 40x zoom optics. SecurityCover Large is intended to protect a camera with an attached box lens. Both versions include an adjustable locking cable. Using the cover can save significant time de-rigging and rigging if the camera position is unattended. Aspectra also displayed a selection of Camgear tripods which come in three ranges to support cameras of various sizes, from a DSLR to a full studio or OB rig. They were demonstrated supporting an ENG camera and Sony FX-9.

Bebob’s speciality is rechargeable power supplies. Its new Cube 1200/700 block battery is designed to support a maximum load of 700 watts, has a capacity of 1140 watt-hours and can deliver 14.4, 24 and 48 volts. Connections are available for a wide variety of cameras and lights, Including three 12 volt outputs (one D-Tap, two XLR), two 24 volt outputs (XLR) and a 48 volt output (XLR).

OConnor promoted its Ultimate 1040 fluid head camera support and Sinusoidal Counterbalance. The 30L Carbon fiber tripod is designed to be stable and twist resistant, while the clamping system makes it simple to setup and work safely. The OConnor 1040 and 30L tripod with floor spreader is able to support payloads from 0 to 20 kg at 125 mm centre of gravity and has a +/-90-degrees tilt range.

PAG exhibited its range of compact MPL V-mount & Gold mount batteries on the Aspectra stand. The USB-C module that fits into the MPL batteries was shown for the first time and is now shipping. The USB-C Micro-Charger is a pocket-sized charger that will charge two 99 watt-hour batteries overnight. It can also be used with a battery as a high-power USB-C source to run an Apple MacBook.



Fiilex’ new G3 Colour 90 watt ellipsoidal luminaire incorporates a 360-degree rotating barrel. Also new is the Q3 Colour 90W fresnel. Its IP-X5 rating and flexible mounting options are designed to allow use in harsh and dynamic environments.

Godox’ BeamLight Max90 is a cinema-grade parallel-beam lighting reflector for use with the company’s G-Mount fixtures such as the MG1200Bi and MG2400Bi. The BeamLight Max90 is designed to produce a 5-degree near-parallel beam of light.

Quasar Science’ Ossium Ladder tube light rig, designed in collaboration with G-Force Grips, can be suspended from any overhead fixing point. It allows rapid rigging of up to 16 60 cm, 1.2 metre, or 2.4 metre Rainbow tube lights. Users can control up to 768 addressable pixels with connected Rainbow fixtures. Optional T12 clamps are available to allow other tube lights such as Crossfade X to be connected.

InfiLED’s speciality is LED displays for a wide range of production-related applications. The company’s WP series is claimed to be ultra-thin and lightweight. Edge thickness is 29.5 mm and the total thickness when mounted on a support frame is 37 mm. WP displays can be combined into a curved configuration.


Picture monitors

Portkeys offers a range of budget friendly monitors include tools for social media content as well as traditional media production. The ability to show 16:9 and 9:16 images on the same panel was seen as very useful when shooting for both broadcast and online distribution.

TVLogic F-series field monitors were displayed by Aspectra with a selection of UHD production monitors. These included the new LXM-180P, an 18.5 inch monitor with 1,000 nits panel. It can display native resolution UHD images full screen, show a quad-split of four 12 Gb sources or two images with waveform and vector information for camera matching.


Production (Audio)

 DHD’s XS3 and XD3 IP Core audio processors made their UK market debut on the stand of the company’s UK-region distributor, Thum+Mahr. Compact digital processors form the heart of every DHD audio mixing and production system, connecting control surfaces located in multiple studios or edit suites within a specific site. They also perform input/output routing and interfacing with the outside world. AES67/Ravenna and Dante based IP audio feeds as well as IP-connected remote device control can be closely integrated. Automated workflows and product virtualisation are also supported. The DHD XS3 IP Core audio processor supports up to 20 stereo faders on DHD audio mixing consoles. The XD3 is designed for use with large mixing and routing systems. It allows fully redundant configuration and can accommodate an optional router module. Up to 96 stereo faders, 126 stereo busses and 24 Gigabit Ethernet audio ports are supported.

Glensound’s small-format AoIP22M interfaces two audio channels to Dante/AES67 networked audio. This new version provides microphone and line level switching on the inputs, together with independent 48V phantom power and gain controls. The unit can draw its power from the ethernet (via an Ethercon connector) or from a USB source. Also new is the 1616M interface for Dante/AES67/SMPTE ST2110 streams, offering up to 16 inputs and outputs per device, as analogue feeds. Inputs can be individually switched between line, mic and 48 volt phantom power remotely from the dedicated app, and gain can be controlled on the front panel or from the app.

Røde’s Interview Pro handheld wireless capacitor microphone pairs with the company’s Series 4 wireless receivers, using 2.4 GHz digital transmission to deliver audio with a range of up to 200 metres line-of-sight. It can also be used as a standalone field recorder.


 Production (Video)

Dwarf Connection showed its ULR-1 MK2 RF video link and related accessories. The transmitter has a range of up to 1.2 kilometres line-of-sight and can feed any number of receivers. The link is HD up to 1920 x 1080/60p and will transmit full metadata with a delay of less than 1 millisecond. The cooling fan switches with the record flag for silent operation. The transmitter can also control channel selection, fan operation and encoding on all connected receivers.

Kiloview promoted its P3 new-generation 5G bonding video encoder. Based on KiloLink, it support multi-connection bonding: 4-channel 5G cellular network, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The P3 is equipped with dual video inputs of 3G-SDI and HDMI with resolution up to 4Kp30 through its HDMI input and up to 1080p60 through its SDI input. The P3 is equipped with a 4.3 inch touch LCD screen for real-time viewing of IP address, network status, video resolution, tally status, CPU, and temperature. The source video can be viewed in real time and, purchasable as an extra service, one channel of return video.

Magewell introduced four modules in its new Modator series: Pro Convert HDMI Plus encodes HDMI input signals into high-definition IP streams in the NDI High Bandwidth format. Pro Convert HDMI 4K Plus encodes HDMI input signals into NDI High Bandwidth at up to 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution at 60 frames per second. Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI decodes IP streams up to 2560 x 1440 in a range of formats (including NDI High Bandwidth, NDI HX2, NDI HX3, TVU ISSP, and H.264 or H.265 delivered via RTMP, RTSP, HLS, MPEG-TS and more) for HDMI output. Pro Convert for NDI to AIO provides the same decoding features as the Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI Module but with simultaneous HDMI and SDI outputs up to 1080p60.

Nxtedition demonstrated an immersive AR gallery enabling visitors to operate a studio located in Sweden directly from company’s MPTS exhibition stand.

Pixotope has introduced an app (Pixotope Pocket) which allows an Apple iOS mobile phone camera to shoot video while at the same time performing motion tracking, camera scene capture and scene processing. Video and tracking data are transmitted as an SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) stream through a local network to the local machine that has Pixotope Graphics installed.

Vinten promoted version 1.1 of its Vega control system software which incorporates AI-driven Presenter Tracking in partnership with Seervision. The software uses talent identification to frame each person on-screen and predicts future movements based on skeletal kinematics.

ZeeVee offers what it claims is the pro AV industry’s first AV over IP encoder with a built-in comprehensive management and security interface. Designed for for 1 gigabit networks,  the ZyPerUHD60-2EMP joins the company’s other ZyPerUHD60 models, as well as its full line of industry flagship ZyPer4K 10Gb SDVoE encoders and decoders.


Technical furniture

Custom Consoles introduced refinements to its M-Desk Technical HA heavy-duty height-adjustable workstation. New features include compact density fibreboard construction, metal-clad vertical supports, LED lighting at the front and sides and in the footwell, desktop cable trays feeding work-surface cable ports, plus five under-side power sockets for desktop equipment. First introduced in Q3 2022, M-Desk Technical HA incorporates an electrically motorised desktop which can be adjusted in height from 66 to 125 cm above floor level. Free-standing 19 inch desktop pods can be specified at the time of order or added later. The latest version also adds options such as a desktop induction pad to charge mobile devices. Retained features include 400 kg total lifting capacity, optional personal or PC storage and free-standing 19 inch desktop pods, plus a choice of worktop surface finishes in Marmoleum.

Custom Consoles


Test and measurement

Hitomi’s MatchBox Glass app, working in conjunction with the company’s MatchBox Analyser, is claimed to streamline the alignment process, measuring video path delays and lip-sync accuracy. Hitomi is also developing a software alternative to its hardware analyser.

Leader’s new ZEN-W Series consists of the LV5600W waveform monitor and its LV7600W rack-mountable equivalent. The LV5600W is a 3U high half-rack-width unit with an integral 7 inch touchscreen. The LV7600W occupies a compact 1U and has SDI plus TMDS monitor outputs. Developed from the established LV5600 and LV7600, these latest-generation instruments are designed to satisfy the most demanding broadcast media test and measurement environments. Each incorporates a wide range of new features plus a WebRTC interface which allows secure remote control and monitoring from a web-connected desktop or laptop computer. Both models also gain an upgraded operating system offering higher security and more flexible future-proofing.

Phabrix’ Qx series of rasterizers and waveform monitors, which comprises the Qx, QxL and QxP models, now supports the detection and analysis of SMPTE Full Range video standards. Enabling customers to focus on maximizing the quality of their content, the update means that the Qx Series can now generate video standards in Full Range, Full Protected Range or Narrow Range in IP ST-2110, and either Full Range or Narrow Range in IP ST 2022-6 and SDI. Additionally, with the Qx Series’ analyzer, it is now possible to verify colour content regardless of the specific video format in use



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